Marie Curie Sklodowska Actionsからアンケート調査が来た

スパムかと思ったけど、Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Wikipediaを見ると、ちゃんとした財団みたいなのでアンケートに回答した。博士号取得からこれまでのキャリアに関するアンケート調査だった。なんで、私に依頼メールが届いたのかわからないけど、ORCIDに登録している研究者とかを国別に探してアンケート調査依頼をおくっているのかな?


Dear 「私の名前」,

We would like to remind you of the survey invitation below. Your
contribution to the study is very important to us – you can still
submit a survey response until 23rd December 2017 using the link
provided in the original email invitation below.

Kind regards,
ICF International - Survey team


Dear 「私の名前」,

The European Commission is funding a study to assess the
effectiveness, efficiency and added value of the Marie Skłodowska
Curie actions (MSCA) under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)
and Horizon 2020.

In the framework of this study, we are collecting feedback from
researchers who have not been funded by the programme in order to
learn about their international mobility, professional career and
their research, training and working conditions.

We would greatly appreciate your participation in the survey and
kindly request that you submit your response by the 23rd December
2016. The survey should not take you more than 5 minutes.

Your views and opinion are of great importance for the present
study, and are crucial to ensure that the programme delivers added
value and benefits to future generations of researchers.

We appreciate the time taken to provide this response and thank
you for your contribution to our study.
You can start, save and return to the survey at a later time using
the link below:
Click Here to Start the Survey

All individual answers and comments will be treated as strictly
confidential and non-attributable.

An accreditation letter by the European Commission, to confirm the
authenticity of the survey, is available here.

Further information on the present evaluation study and the online
survey, including information on how personal data collected will
be processed and stored, is available on the survey website here.

If you have any queries about this survey or the study, please
contact the study team at .

Best regards

ICF International - Survey team
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